May 3, 2023

The value of using virtual talent

The value of using virtual talent

Traditional sales teams are making way for a dynamic and cost-effective solution- the virtual sales staff– but some people don’t always think of sales as a way to help them scale.

In today’s business climate, having a sales team (particularly a virtual one!) is not just a trend after remote working got popular: it’s a strategic decision that can lead to fast scaling.

The flexibility, scalability, and wide reach of a virtual sales team can provide significant advantages for businesses looking to thrive in an increasingly global and digital market. And we’ve seen it first-hand, both with businesses that have worked with remote sales reps over and over again, and with businesses who’ve never stepped foot in the remote landscape.

When it comes to the responsibilities of a virtual sales staff, having a team that goes above and beyond that traditional counterparts do isn’t just required, but it’s a standard.

At Virtualis for instance, we want to make sure sales reps aren’t just prepared for getting matched to a business but have the continual tools and resources to thrive. To do this, we arm them with:

  • Weekly training through online courses, workshops, and speaker panels
  • A resource of other sales reps
  • A dedicated performance coach to answer questions whenever they need

The Challenges of Managing a Business Without a Sales Team (And How Virtualis Solves All of Them)

You’re not the first business that yearned for a solution that was affordable and could address direct pain points and growing pains of a business. Here are some common challenges we see with businesses that haven’t yet found a remote sales team to support them:

They feel overwhelmed by adapting to new sales tech.

While some business owners have a history in sales, many don’t know where to start when it comes to supplying their team with everything they need to thrive. Many small and medium-sized businesses aren’t at the point where a sales manager is available yet, so they have to make the decisions all on their own.

The solution: Virtualis sales consultancy services. If you don’t know where to start when arming your sales team with everything they need, this is for you. From funnel and script audits to local staff management, our sales specialists can latch onto your biggest woes (the ones that have kept you overwhelmed past 6:00 pm) and leave sales worries a thing of the past.

They don’t feel like they have the budget for an entire sales team.

It’s a lot of money to invest in a sales team. A yearly salary, plus commission, plus benefits is a big financial burden, especially for growing businesses that are still fitting into who they are and what they need to thrive.

The solution: A Virtualis Sales Assistant. Not only are they able to be in large of low-touch sales tasks like calendar management, sales report monitoring, and data entry, but they can dip their toes in other specialties like social media management and email list creation.

They don’t have the capacity to manage any new hires.

We get it— you’re already busy doing what you love. So why spend even more time managing yet another person under your team? Hiring more people means taking on more time for people management. If that’s what you like to do, then great; but if not, it clogs your days down and makes it even more difficult to scale.

The solution: Having a dedicated Virtualis Account Manager! With your own go-to contact whenever you need it, you can be clear about exactly how much you want to be managing your sales rep and how much you expect them to know on their own. Our account managers will work with you to find a cadence that keeps your day the way you like it.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Virtual Sales Staff

Alright, some extra set of hands sounds great— but what exactly would they be doing?

When it comes to the responsibilities of virtual sales staff, particularly at Virtualis — it’s all about meeting you where you’re at. Many of the sales tasks span the traditional sales necessities, like:

  • Lead generation
  • Prospecting
  • Conducting sales presentations and demos
  • Following up
  • Collecting and interpreting sales data
  • Closing deals
  • Networking
  • Negotiating deals
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Sales reporting
  • Performing market research
  • cross-selling and upselling
  • Team collaboration
  • Sales forecasting
  • Working to meet sales targets

But then there are other tasks that traditional sales roles don’t cover that Sales Kiwi reps can take on, like:

  • Social media management
  • Virtual assistant tasks
  • Calendar management
  • CRM management
  • Data entry

And so much more. The tailored fit is something only certain sales reps can match, so whether you need a ton of sales tasks or a few, your additional hands are taking on income-generating tasks while also melding perfectly to your business’s needs.

The Positives of Every Business Having Virtual Sales Reps (with Virtualis)

The effectiveness of a virtual sales staff is not merely limited to their tasks and responsibilities but extends to how they empower businesses.

Let’s break down the primary ways virtual sales staff can transform the business landscape for any business:

Cost Savings

Virtual sales teams, and particularly Virtualis outsourced virtual sales teams, can dramatically reduce the overhead costs associated with physical sales operations.

It’s the difference between paying an employee a full-time salary and benefits and paying an outsourced employee who works full-time and takes on the same responsibilities at least a third of the cost (sometimes more!) and not having to pay for benefits.

Constant Support Without a Constant Headache

As trained professionals, outsourcing your sales team isn’t like having to train someone from scratch. Along with having sales experience, Virtualis sales reps get ongoing support and training from their performance coaches and team, giving you the confidence that you’re not just getting a great price, but a great team player, too.

Middle-Men and Women to Help You Navigate Questions and Shifts

When you hire a full-time employee, you’re their sole contact for every predicament, problem, and issue that arises. But with a Virtualis sales team, you’ll have your own account manager to come to with any question that arises.

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