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We are excited that you found us! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth, development and becoming a part of like minded innovative Global professionals who were exactly where you are sitting now and wondering if going virtual was the right choice. Hint...They will tell you it was the best choice they've made!

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Join us at Virtualis, where challenges become opportunities, and your career accelerates beyond imagination. Discover your potential with us, and let's shape the future together.

Why Join Us:

Your workplace should be more than simply a paycheck, it should be a place that embraces you like family. That wants to celebrate your successes and also lift you up during those difficult times. Don't settle for anything less than the best support system.

We strive to unlock your full potential

At Virtualis, we recognize that your growth is our growth, and we're committed to fostering an environment that propels you forward. Our extensive array of training programs, thoughtfully designed by experts, serves as a launchpad for your professional journey.

Opportunities for Growth.

We love to see our teams grow not just professionally, but also personally! We have such a diverse group of fun loving people that in their free time, love to travel, sing, dance, do charity work, enter iron man challenges and beyond. We encourage and will always be your biggest cheerleader in the many endeavors you take on!

Support and Mentorship

What sets us apart is our dedication to providing unparalleled training, mentorship and opportunities to collaborate with premier businesses situated in the United States. Through these partnerships, you'll gain invaluable experience, expand your horizons, and contribute to transformative projects.

Some of Our Beloved Virtual Staff in Action

Our Staff love working for Virtualis

"I hold an immense appreciation for this company, as it embodies values that resonate deeply with me. The dedication to constant growth, the unwavering support we offer one another, and the shared commitment to daily learning create an environment that's not only inspiring but truly fulfilling."

Mark J.
Senior Manager - Training & Project Management

At Virtualis, I've found an incredibly enriching experience with unwavering support and recognition from outstanding leaders. The approachable team encourages open collaboration, making it unique.
Every feedback session drives growth both professionally and personally, as each piece of feedback propels my development in my role and as an individual.

Performance Coach

I am delighted to express my satisfaction with Virtualis strong focus on client satisfaction and achieving business objectives is truly impressive.
Throughout our interactions, the team has consistently demonstrated professionalism, a personalized touch, and a genuine commitment to shared growth.
Being a part of this partnership that brings immense value to all parties involved has been an honor. I eagerly anticipate the ongoing journey of success ahead.

Janika A.
Client Success Manager

Job Listings

Application Process

How to apply

Simply apply to any of the positions you see above or go to our LinkedIn Page to apply there too.
All you need is your resume and basic information as we get to know you.
Our Talent Acquisition Team will reach out to you within 2-3 days to guide you through our streamlined process.

Our Hiring Process:

Interview with one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists
Go through a Pre-Screening to see which client would be the most suited based on your experience
Meet and Interview with the selected top US company that we have matched you with
Get hired and then delve into the 1 Day Virtualis Training
Finally get onboarded with your new company, and you're in!
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Our benefits

The benefit of working with Virtualis is that we will always care for you, no matter what. Not only do we provide fantastic health benefits and incentives, but we also ensure that if it ever doesn't work out with a client, we get another lined up for you as quickly as possible. Talk about job security!

Tenure and Performance Incentives
Work-Life Balance Initiatives
Paid bi-weekly in USD
Independent Contract
Team Building Events
Company Townhalls
Health Benefits or Allowances
and much more!
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Health Benefits

Rest assured we take your security seriously


Our operations team is always ready to support you


We are committed to creating amazing corporate culture


We love to connect and build lasting relationships

Get answers to common questions

We are a very unique company and love to be trendsetters. We're sure you have so many questions and here are some answers to the most common ones:

Where is Virtualis Based?

Virtualis is a US Based Company but we have been working with Global Candidates for many years and have become extremely familiarized with all the countries with work with and complexities of working in each market.

What Payment Providers does Virtualis use?

We have partnered with Wise, Remitly and various other providers based on your specific country. Rest assured, we make the process as simple and seamless as possible so you get paid, on time, like clock work!

How does payment work?

We pay you twice a month and the funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Cha Ching!

What Countries are you currently hiring in?

Virtualis is primarily hiring in the Philippines and continually expanding to new countries in Latin America. If your country isn't currently on our list, we might be soon and we are always open to meeting amazing talent so feel free to submit your resume if you feel you'd be a great fit!

How many years of experience do I need

We generally require a minimum of 3 years experience in your respective role but rest assured that we are happy to provide ongoing training and support whenever you might need.

What is the process of working with Virtualis and Clients?

So once you are onboarded with one of our top US clients, you will naturally be working with them but you will also be assigned a Performance Coach who is there to support you throughout your journey with us. They can answer any questions or concerns you might have, provide strategic coaching to help you with any tasks or parts of the process you might be struggling with and they will be your trusted partner on this new journey with Virtualis.