Our Staff

Take a look at some of our high-caliber, top 1% remote staff that we have working with our valued clients.

Get answers to common questions

Whether you are new to the World Of Virtual Staffing and Scaling your Business or a Veteran, these are some of the common questions we get:

Do I pick my staff or do you assign them?

We are vetting thousands of candidates on a monthly basis and based on your requirements, we filter them down to 2-3 candidates per role. You will get to meet and interview those candidates as choose whom you feel will be the best fit.

What services does Virtualis provide?

We provide Sales, Operations and Customer Support Staff, but we also delve into Sales, Marketing, Finance and Business Advisory services to ensure you have every possible element of your business covered for success.

How does payment work?

We accept credit cards, ACH and wire transfers to make sure the payment process is as easy as possible. We charge on the 1st and 15th of every month so you never get caught off guard.

What does the client journey look like?

After your Sales Presentation, we hope you are impressed and decide to sign our agreement. Once you have signed it, one of our Client Engagement Managers will contact you to delve into your exact requirements for your staff and services. Then you will have about 3 business days to get prepared to meet and interview your potential new staff. Once you have interviewed them and selected your ideal new team member, they will have 1 day of Virtualis Training, and the next business day, they are ready to be Onboarded with your company during a strategic call with your new Client Success Manager, Performance Coach for your new team member, and they will walk you through the key next steps and advice for best practices to be successful.

How can I upgrade or add on to my services?

Easy! Just speak with your Client Success Manager and they will guide you through the seamless and quick process of adding the additional staff or service, and make the amendment to your agreement.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Once again, just speak with your Client Success Manager and they will accept your two week notice of cancellation, which is our policy, and they will discuss the final steps to off boarding your team and services you have with us. But we hope that never happens!